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The Social Media Museum: Everyone’s Doing It

Social media doodles elements

Social media can be so tricky.

When you’re as young as 11 years old with an Instagram account, you aren’t thinking about your future brand as a person. You don’t even know what a brand is, most likely. So, for about six years, you’re busy posting whatever you want. 

I didn’t have any social media presence at 11. As a matter of fact, I had to ask permission to create a Sconex account and for years I went without a MySpace because my sister and mother were religious viewers of the news. I was about 16 when I finally made an account and I was ten days shy of 18 when I got my first cell phone. A slider phone. The Samsung Gravity. It wasn’t until I knew someone in college to invite me (a cousin) that I got on Facebook. I was a late delayed bloomer.

Learning that what I posted online should be monitored was always a part of my social media life because I had a sister who was always checking over me. Mostly to make sure I wasn’t setting up any dates with random older men but also to make sure that the content I was putting out wasn’t offensive, derogatory, and didn’t defame my character. It wasn’t until my last few semesters in college, studying advertising, that this idea of monitoring what I posted online came up again. But this time, it was defined as “building my brand”. A brand? Like, Nike?

Yes. Like Nike. Read more…

August 24, 2015