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Dirty Socks and Marijuana

Scent Memory, NYC

The best way to have started my week was with a trip home. Things have been a bit out of order around here and it was all starting to take a toll on my mood (and happiness). I had the opportunity to go home for a few days for a celebration and to just soak up my family and friends and everything “normal”.  Read more…

March 8, 2016

Ask Me About My Hair

Fro at Work

For those who are unaware, my hair is natural and in order to trim it, it has to be as stretched as possible. In order to stretch my hair, it heat has to be applied to it (blow-dry or flat iron). Because I am afraid of heat damage, I opt for blow drying because to gets my hair stretched enough for my stylist to find and clip dead ends. Every time I go in for a trim, which is about 2-3 times a year, I always get excited about the length of my afro, so I wear it that way for a day or two after. I am proud of my hair. I love my hair. The only reason I don’t wear an afro everyday is because it causes split ends and I want to retain as much length as possible. Read more…

February 18, 2016

Sharing is Caring, Right?

Sharing is Caring

Why is is that some share more with their friends than they do with their significant other? What would happen if people shared as much with their partners as they did with their good-goods? This is a bit of a spinoff of last week’s “You Can’t Handle the Truth” post. Truthfully (see what I did there?) this was something that inspired last week’s post; consider this a part two. Read more…

February 16, 2016