‘Sex and the City’ Taught Me…


This weekend, while Boo was out and I was home alone, I flipped through the channels (which I rarely do) to find something to watch. ‘Sex and the City’ the movie was on and I looked no further.

‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Sex and the City’ 2 aren’t necessarily favorites of mine, but I do really enjoy watching them. It’s the ultimate chick-flick filled with successful women, humor, fashion, squad goals, men, and even a few life lessons. This would have been at least my tenth time watching either SATC 1 or 2, but things were just jumping at me this time. One stuck out in particular. Within minutes of the movie starting, the jewels start dropping so if you haven’t seen the movie, you should. There may be a few “spoilers” in here but the movie has been out for 8 years so I am not at fault for really spilling anything.

She was a smart girl until she fell in love.

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte gathered together to go to an auction of a woman’s jewelry that her ex boyfriend had gifted her before he put her out. They had been together for ten years, just like Big and Carrie had. Now, this coincidentally happens after Big and Carrie find the perfect apartment to move into in NYC. Carrie was sharing the news with her girl and Miranda, the logical lawyer of the group, began asking Carrie questions like, whether or not she was going to keep her apartment in case things didn’t go well.

When I first started dating my guy, moving in was something that happened abruptly and under unforeseen circumstances. I was 0% okay with it. I was not “raised” to have made such a decision and I’m sure my dad isn’t proud of it. But it was something I “had” to do in order to achieve a bigger goal. I do not regret it. After graduating, Boo (who is a couple years older than I am) had decided that he wanted to purchase his first home. Commence the freakout. Buying a home sounded way too permanent for me. I was newly graduated, still looking for a job, had not really “experienced” life after college, wasn’t ready to be engaged or married (still am not) and this all felt a lot like settling down. I rejected the thought and all feelings that surrounded it. 

I did end up moving in with Boo and in the back of mind, I always have the concern of what would happen if we didn’t work out or what if he did put me out like it happened in the movies. I would be f*cked. Well, kinda. I would have options but it would still be an huge inconvenience. It is very interesting how much love or the feelings of love play a part in decision making. It would have been much easier to go against that decision had I really felt like my relationship was not worth it. It’s also interesting how love sometimes trump logic. While I’ve never been so blinded by love that I’ve made poor decisions, I can see how someone might. Hmmm. ?.

Ultimately the moral here is to always have a plan. Always. I’m not very good at planning because I’m not very good at imagining the future because I’m not very good at making decisions. That’s biting me in the butt more than helping me but that’s what personal growth is all about, right? I’ll get it together someday.

For more relevant quotes from ‘Sex and the City’, check out BuzzFeed’s mashup here, which was conveniently published a few days after I drafted this post. Which ones were your favorites?

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